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Welcome to Our Racing Update and Results Page.
The latest (as of 11/21/2006):
bulletAnna is the 2006 BSL National Champion

Once again facing Jennifer Isley, Anna is able to repeat her win!  This year she had two competitive days without rain!  The new surface at Heartland Park presented a difficult adjustment for everyone.  On day two, Anna had her fastest, winning run on her first run.  Neither she nor anyone else could beat it!
bulletJoe wins the 2006 ProSolo Championship

Joe wins BS ProSolo Finale, still facing tough competition from Jason Isley.  Winning the finale gave Joe enough points to take the year end trophy.

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For official race schedules and results:


latest SCCA national tour racing results:



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local consolidated northwest schedule:



latest Northwest Region info:



bulletJoe wins the 2006 Atwater ProSolo!

Joe wins BS, once again facing tough competition from Jason Isley.  Anna chose to once again run open class with Joe, and she placed 4th.  Not bad for being 35 weeks pregnant! 


bulletJoe and Anna both win Atwater NT 2006!

Joe wins BS against tough competition from Jason Isley.  Anna wins at 34 weeks pregnant!  Also facing tough competition from Jennifer Isley (who won everything last year when she was pregnant).


Joe and Anna both win Atwater NT 2006
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Great results for Anna and Joe at the 2005 Solo National Championship in Topeka, Kansas:
bulletJoe takes 2nd place in the BS (B Stock) class in a very competitive class.
bulletAnna is the 2005 BSL National Champion
Anna competing at Nationals 2005
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