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This is just a page of links to resources, companies, friends, and anything else we happen to like or find useful.  The only qualification to be on this page is for us to like them.

note: some of these links may grant us referral credit, free months, or other benefits.  If this bothers you, please don't click on them.  :-)

  Useful computer utilities
Greatest SPAM filter:  www.cloudmark.com (referral code 473r3 )
  AntiSpywear program: www.counterspy.com

  Favorite Restaurants
  Sasi's in Kirkland
  Rover's in Seattle
  Chico Hot Springs in Pray, Montana


  Favorite Places to Stay
  Chico Hot Springs Resort in Pray, Montana
  Salish Lodge


  Favorite companies, services, or products


  Favorite RV Parks
  Yellowstone Edge RV Park in Pray, Montana






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