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(as of 1/10/2007)


November 2006: Anna earns the CGE (Certified Gottman Educator) Certification.  She is excited to be qualified to teach the "Bringing Baby Home" Workshop.  Read more about the Gottman Institute here.  And the Bringing Baby Home project and the Relationship Research Institute here.


November 2006: Joe accepts the position of "software programmer" at Fatigue Technology!  A great next step in Joe's programming career!



Annika continues to bring good luck to Anna's racing: Anna is the 2006 BSL SCCA Solo National Champion!  (the picture is of Anna and Annika at the awards banquet)  :-)


Joe places third in the very competitive BS class.



Joe WINS the "B Stock" class at the 2006 ProSolo Finale and thus the 2006 ProSolo Series Championship!

Read more on the Racing page.


We are quite active in SCCA Solo II racing, but we do enjoy other activities.  Check out the Family Updates page for trip reports, Annika's page, and construction news, and the Favorite Links page for things we like and recommend.  Also, we often have things for sale on the For Sale page.  Enjoy, and feel free to email us your feedback.

Want to read about what we're up to professionally?

Anna's work:  www.annagoeke.com

  Joe's web business:  www.goekeweb.com

  Joe's employer:  www.fatiguetech.com


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